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 It's run like Catholic Hitler's third Reight

This is a killer holy secret American Gestapo police's run like Catholic Hitler's Third Reich








The law enforcement agency mission is criminally negligent

American Gestapo (law enforcement agencies and police) worked their evil fascist way from the outer edges of the flock to the center.

It all started in Vatican City with church joined with heads of city, county and state.  They're on
a "systematic widespread RICO mission to abuse, lie and conceal their crimes against humanity.


They sabotaged Louise Elizabeth Van Sickle and her caring son  by first libeling and slandering said son and violating  his civil and political rights in Boise, Idaho, to establish a guardianship and conservatorship over Louise... corrupt law enforcement first suboprned perjury that the son bought a rifle to shoot the president (Clinton then) after the son attended the Weaver trial in Boise.  He was first wrongfully set up and framed by the FBI, who followed him in Boise's Intermountain Outdoor Sports and Machine Gun Store then owned by dirty Republican Mormon Senator Gerry Sweet, and subsequently false profiled (libeled and slandered the son again), this time by Catholic Mission Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Catholic Governor Butch Otter's Agency on Aging and its Catholic counsel at law, law enforcement, Boise police criminals under a Catholic Mayor and his Catholic brother (a judge holding jurisdiction in close association, all forming a crony capitalist partnership with special predatory business interests, including a guardianship and conservatorship


Corrupt agency and Boise police criminals are partners in organized crime with special predatory corporate interests racketeering... suborning perjury, subversively false profiling as paranoid and dangerous, baiting and switching, [exaggerating, twisting and falsifying intelligence like under the Bushies, sneaking and peeking, planning extortion of property without proper accountability, violently breaking and entering, smashing windows and doors and shining lights, holding hostage, killing for money, extorting and stealing.

Notes on the killing of Louise Van Sickle for moneyu by a corrupt agency and police criminal partners with special predatory corporate interests crossing trains with the military on a RICO mission sabotaging her and her caring son by exaggerating, twisting and falsifying intelligence to hold her hostage and kill her first for her money



 Crony Capitalist Mormon Governor John V. Evans & related company in close association including Evans bank; an informant tried to conceal a future payment arrangement from the defense

The Ruby Ridge standoff under a Bush Republican 'New World Order' on a mission to kill first in Idaho |  Paranoid FBI sneak and peek actconcerning the Pope's widespread abusive Catholic church cult joined with city-state... killer taboo state capital church

investigation on corrupt DA, law enforcement agencies and police

Republican George W. Bush was diagnosed a paranoid sadistic megalomaniac not fit to be president.   Thousands were abused or died due to his parallels to nazism


Parallels between nazism and trends in the U. S..  

FBI hostage rescue team deployed based on false information about the dangerousness of Randy Weaver, the situation at Ruby Ridge and the August 21 exchange of gunfire. In addition, it has been contended that the activation of the HRT and regional FBI Swat Teams was an improper, unnecessary, and exaggerated response to the situation. Specifically, critics have suggested that local law enforcement agents, who rescued the marshals, should have been left to resolve the situation and that the U.S. Marshals Service should have remained in charge. There has also been a claim that the federal response was driven by an influential Department of Justice official who had been a close friend of Deputy U.S. Marshal Degan and the Degan family.