Time Ford 150  dog


Video for gander newfoundland nbc nightly news


Go to Newfoundland and get a  piece of the best island pie... kiss a cod fish not a rancher's ass


The best brook trout fly fishing on the planet



Image result for stop the bleed bucket image





Video for missoula montana surfing youtube



Russian  River Surfing... go see the Eagle Idaho Rite Aid Manager   about this crazy cowboy town full of dog poop



Video for horseshoe Bend pond youtube


On the fire trail... it started at mile mark 73 reportedly



Video for Duck boat sinking in Missouri leaves 17 dead  youtube


Table Rock duck boat  salvage


Table Rock Indian burial ground



Video for dancing with wolves youtube


Dances with wolves



Carter Page spy collusion


Ride em Table Rock duck boat on Highway 21


Donations stolen from fundraiser for Boise stabbing victims


Boise Police.... report July 18 2018 ... orange water hose cut by vandal... 100 unit condo gutted by fire... god dam Chris the German  once seen starting a fire in trash can by garage... hey 10391 W Landmark Mike


Hey D-Mexico... don't be shining headlights targeting someone's window deliberately


Aryan Knights info


Video for bogus basin fire ktvb




Siplot's Caldwell Fire and Rescue... god gave you the special Capital One talent so put out your fire and yodel too


Pussy in the well


Video for wilderness ranch fire ktvb


Wild fire


Image result for H.H. Holmes Downtown Walking Tour youtube


H H Holmes... "What are you doing in there?"... Mr. Postman?


We remember the war in Iraq...  Sun·ni and Shiite blow the shit out of buildings and transportation


Colombia Mexico City connection


Image result for suzuki dr 200 image

Video for Visit the Deadwood Lookout and Campgrounds at Deadwood Reservoir in Idaho  youtubeVideo for uzuki DR200 Test Ride and Review youtube


20% off Mexico City shit... what a f..kin race... find some Spanish wolves


Image result for Chrono Kristin Armstrong builds on cyclist's legacy youtube


Hunters Creek Sports Park... Star Idaho International Time Trials


Be proud of your race time


Video for Nightly News full broadcast (July 8th) nbc nightly news


A cat has 9 lives so which one are we on?... knock your socks off



Video for spanish wolf youtube


International Spanish Wolf emergency... remember the Alamo



Video for davy crockett youtube


Davy Crockett



Video for Snoopy V.S. The Red Baron -- The Royal Guard youtube


Big war bird


Video for Millions face extreme heat in Western U.S. as wildfires continue to blaze nbc nightly news


Hells Angels... too hot to handle


The Purple Gang of Detroit


Video for idaho refugees youtube


Crazy Buddha the product of imagination



Video for african ivory coast lion youtube


The Afican ivory coast king...  Ndrangheta



Piss on Clinton DNSA and Little Village Guzman (el Chapo) associates


Poppy day July 4 2018... it takes a village


Nature's fire works



Video for mass stabbing boise youtubeVideo for christ died for our sins youtube


KTVB flower power link


Mass stabbing on State street Boise Idaho


"It's almost to the point we have to watch every car that go past every one that walk past


Video for Hundreds of ‘Families Belong Together’ rallies held across the country  nbc nightly news


Illegal immigrants suck and can go hang out  in Mexico... "that's it pal and don't come back"... the 9th circuit is too far from the American flag pole and is off the wall


Video for jay leno garage youtube


You get what you pay for



Video for 1966 Dodge Coronet - Jay Leno's Garage youtube


The ultimate old timer street taxi platform... 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi





Oh shoot


abc7 Chicago when corruption is still king of bad street  ass... go blow a big daddy right front


abc working street dog


Bad ass German hog home



Video for southern idaho rv and marine pontoon 2017  youtubeVideo for mirrocraft boats youtube

Video for river boat youtube


Buy a river boat and eat good



Video for Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones - Baby Please Don't Go - Live At Checkerboard Lounge  youtube


Before I be your dog turn the lamp way down low


Video for Remembering the Capital Gazette shooting victims  nbc nightly news


Freedom of speech


Annoying Rite Aid manager  of Eagle Idaho



Video for deadly shooting at maryland newspaper youtube



Hey Frank... you got a train collection in heaven?


The immigrant crime family weapon of choice


Murder Inc by the liberal capital press... every time we listen to the corporate media news they report on murders



Video for crazy frog youtube


Crazy Frog colored... go cat go



Video for Justice Anthony Kennedy To Retire From Supreme Court youtube


On the Kennedy... Sandra Day O'Connor - First Woman to Serve on the Supreme Court when flly fishing  is king



Video for US Supreme Court strikes down union fees with Janus v. AFSCME ruling youtube


Unions are good if not controlled by the mob


The dems are looking at open borders and endless crime



Fault line...bad ass race in Mexico bite the bullet



Video for steve mcqueen the king of cool youtube


The king of cool



Video for 2019 bullitt youtube


Sweet  Molly ass with bad German ass


Image result for logos nationwide sales... the railroad will help


Video for railroad given personhood youtube


Thanks for the beautiful park and wildlife


Video for harriman state park idaho youtube


Harriman state park Idaho



Video for Secrets car dealers don't want you to know youtube


Under cover



Video for Auto Dealer Fraud... Its Everywhere  youtube


Ties to the mob?



Video for cal-neva reno  youtubeVideo for Dolly Parton dancing with Mary Hart (Funny) on The Dolly Show 1987/88 (Ep 12, Pt 6) youtube


Watch your step Stevens big boob lady... Sam was here

Best Internet



Video for hot diggity dog diggity youtubeVideo for elvis presley wise men say youtube


Hot diggity dog diggity oh what you do to me


Video for coonhound youtubeVideo for 2018 AmericanMuscle Mustang Car Show Recap - World's Largest One Day Mustang Show AM2018 -  youtube


Super coon hound hang in there



Video for chrysler motor corporation youtube


Grand Mob Country...

Chrysler power awesome... "past is past"... the record holder


Emmet Idaho pet (oops) pig palace... GMC... click Suburban blue



Black canyon dam ass



Video for Teen shot in Univ. Village covered with sheet, initially presumed dead; 6 shot, 1 fatally s loomishicago youtube


o·mer·tà problem


Video for Inside the country’s largest immigration processing center as family separation outrage grows  nbc nightly news


Kennel cages for illegal immigrants


It must do extremely well on the Horseshoe bend hill in automatic when you pass




Video for 20 injured, suspect killed in Trenton arts festival shooting


South Clinton Avenue art... Trenton New Jersey


Video for Tent camp built near border to house migrant children separated from parents  nbc nightly news


Wal-Mart home sweet home for immigrants separated



Video for gambino operation old bridge youtube


Operation Old Bridge... Gambino


Ford has some catch up  work to do in the race... "nothing personal... just business"... go cat go


Video for Paul Manafort heads to jail, accused of attempting to influence witnesses  nbc nightly news


"I didn't know Paul Manafort was the head of the mob... it's in the concrete business built to last



Video for Super Snake vs 427 Cobra - Baddest Shelby Ever youtubeVideo for Shelby Super Snake VS Dodge Demon | THE CLEAR CHOICE! youtube


Hey Idaho... this is Shelby super snake country



Video for The $85,000 Dodge Demon Is So Fast It Should Be ILLEGAL  youtube


The art of deionization



Video for 0-60 MPH in 2.3 Sec! How the Dodge Demon is The World's Fastest Accelerating Production Car youtube


grip... don't slip



Video for Hear the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Under Full Throttle  youtube


Beats a GTO with Goodyear rubber



Video for korean war youtube


Excusee us... let's go back to the root of all evil in the Korean  war... it is German despots and communism still there today... Russia  backs it... democracy is reportedly is a myth too






Call ICE and tell them to release Mr. Garcia  and go after the Cali cartel



and rescue a raccoon...


safe on roof top... you know it can climb


Happy Racoon Day... god bless


Best buy...

Like a pie rising to the sky king... Rodman wants to keep the door open to communism... he'll  give you a little toot


Same shit... "murder inc. by the press"



Video for Dolly Parton dancing with Mary Hart (Funny) on The Dolly Show 1987/88 (Ep 12, Pt 6) youtube


Beautiful Denmark working legs  costing a lot to insure




Video for Trump arrives in Singapore for historic summit with Kim Jong Un nbc nightly newsVideo for manhattan mob concrete youtube


Built to last in mob concrete


Rocket men arrive in Singapore for historic summit with Kim Jong Un... blame it onTruman



Video for Hottest Fox News anchor Girls youtube


Trump Fox hunts in New Jersey... it's the place to get out of because Nrw York City has more wealth and Manhattan project power



Video for anchors away my boys youtube


Anchors away my boys



Video for cellist yo yo ma youtube


Yo Yo Ma... sweet musica



Video for History of Organized Crime, Sicily Documentary  youtube


Christian Democrat  Party of  Italy connected to Russia... the mafia is born here


Video for Pres. Trump says Russia should be reinstated to G7  nbc nightly news



Video for from russia with love youtube


From Russia with love... we have a Trunp world to run



Video for Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and ‘Parts Unknown’  nbc nightly news


Love to eat Jackson hot dogs sitting in McDonalds



The police play god


FRANCES VALENTINE Women's Frida Signature Floral Bucket Bag - Pink Camel


Valentine Day... sad... I think she lost her spring



Video for salmon river of no return wolves youtube


Smart wolves



Video for white bird idaho youtube


White Bird ID conquer the hill


We remember a black and white skunk punk Tommy gun with a flash light mounted on top for a corrupt cop  with a mean German Shepherd named Mike on the New Jersey Turnpike connection


Video for border patrol dog youtube


They smell Ndranghe ta


Look for the Little Village Cartel



Video for al capone clark street youtube


Woman dies after jumping to escape Rogers Park fire near Al Capone Clark Street


Video for Arizona police believe three shooting deaths are connected nbc nightly news


Arizona killer trading on fear and intimidation spreading


Video for Trump says June 12 summit with North Korea is start of ‘process’ nbc nightly news


Stick the commi national socialist letter up a ying yang ass


Video for rapper Chief Keef youtube


W ... Time Square hit


Video for Trump breaks protocol with jobs report tweet nbc nightly news


Every world war to date is over trade


Don't take Rene's kitchen  remodel team for granted... hey Don and chuck


Remember Hells Kitchen... NYC has more power




Video for Samantha Bee apologizes for ‘inexcusable’ comment about Ivanka Trump  nbc nightly news


Democrat dogs



Video for maverik country store boise youtubeVideo for maverick tv series 1957 youtube


Maverick adventure... Dennis Dillon


War on cancer caused by North Carolina tobacco Company connection... hey Bud branch.../ Maverik station... light one and stick it up your ass for convenience


COPD is a killer


Video for james gang youtube


James Gang



Chicago Outfit election fixing... west wing of Trump


Rob mob link


Starbucks against racism


Farm teams with working slave dogs ate the problem in the field... they follow and go beteen legs


White and yellow racism is ... black people and Mormonism


A picture was taken of Roman Catholic Vatican crime and the Mormon mafia and their corrupt followers


Campaign against Burch ying yangers


"This is not what police hah hoped for"... democrat shit... hey Luke


Video for CFD diver who died while searching Chicago River for missing boater identified youtube


Hey Don... what happen to Juan


Video for from freedom to slavery youtube


From Freedom To Slavery... Memorial... recall all Mexican Black Grand Cherokee Jeeps with hot seats


Video for 7 killed in Memorial Day weekend shootings across Chicago; CPD sergeant suffers graze wound youtubeVideo for May Day youtube


May Day!


Hey Sam... there's no denying the corrupt police status


Hey Bud...bad neighbors keep busting the fence... it appears to be a Don's protection racket... call  the copsa Monroe Democrat is like Sam G crap


About all the elite corporate media/news does is yap yap yap on Chicago corruption... abc paint it blood red... bad neighbors keep knocking the fence out in a protection racket... let them fix it



Video for rosenstein fbi nbc nightly news


The FBI  is reportedly the wolf in the west wing










Stay free from Mexican tyrants... remember the Alamo


Sounds ... "I'll give a little toot toot"... 5.2 liter flat plane crank... Latino police women are the best looking in the world for Ford escort service... we shook hands on it


Geek Squad for Cris the German app 10397 W Landmark Ct Boise and police criminals?... the German mafia at issue... the crazy ying yang wing store


NewCnicago school burial site... holy shit... Sam Giancana went to Mexico and made plans for it



"Make the best of it"...


Video for president trump doubles down on former illegal immigration comments


Caravan of Mexican shit coming up ... with that comes the drug cartel full of Spanish flies and trespassers... Bieter and brotherhood... double cross trouble


Video for Woman hospitalized, man found in woods after Des Plaines crash youtube


Video for Flat Plane Crankshafts  youtube


Video for 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350: An 8200-rpm Muscle Car to  youtube


Colombia time ignition... have a blast


Image result for hillary Clinton orange black image


Stay free and call again


Video for big Sur California youtube


The most beautiful place in the Spanish world is Big Sir on the edge


Video for 5.2 liter flat plane crank youtube



We're tired of Ada County corrupt police power and Monroe NC democrats... everywhere is not their turff... corrupt public service contracts at issue... illegal diversion of residential property tax notice


A busy weekend war... Chicago minority gangland connection... support the NRA not a Democrat toilet bowl shit movement


Bieter bad police company Sunday March 25 2018... the Greylord tyrant system started it in Chicago



Hey Whitey... did Buddy run away because he was mistreated in Monroe NC  on Chelsey Lane with blacks in the neighborhood?


A 1 red partner on the move


Washington state  Democrat pot supplier... you bet everywhere is their turf... it's a pig ass cop world


Note: approx 640 am Boise MST April 2 2018 at N Hampton and W Landmark Ct at a Dem Jehovah house a vehicle has tail lights repeatedly going on and off with its headlights on garage and a  vehicle drives down  W Landmark Ct flipping its headlights repeatedly on and off  and red SUV of Chuck pulls in front of 10369 W Landmark Ct  with its vehicle lights on the owner has adog Luke


Video for dania suarez colombia youtube


Cali cartel route... bookin and hookin blue goose service better than a Nevada Mustang ranch


Video for jesus christ superstar youtube


Jesus Christ super star who the hell do you think you are letting things get so out of hand crazy Democrat Truman dropped fat boy on Japan starting an arms race you got to face


Video for new clues family fatal plunge into ocean nbc nightly news


Washington state family takes an SUV plunge off cliff  into ocean in California police service



Every time we go into McDonalds it has red CNN news  on ... don't touch it... like commi international socialist NYC Georgia tyranny


Video for Russia expels 60 U.S. diplomats and closes consulate in escalating tit-for-

Video for secret criminal police organization youtube

Video for FBI vs CIA - How Do They Compare? youtube


"We remember"... the secret criminal police organization... the Berlin wall... put it back up


Video for River North stabbing victim ID'd as suburban software CEO, father of 6


Mike stayed out too late.. in the wrong place at the wrong time


Video for Beretta shotgun youtube


The shotgun of best mafia choice... love Italian not Irish that's Amore


Video for Man thrown out of hospital steals, crashes ambulance in Englewood, police say youtube

Video for Ambulance Challenge | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC youtube


Wild ambulance ride


Video for Children among 64 dead in Russia shopping center fire youtube


Video for Colombia anthem youtube


Colombia Cartel Anthem... Esto Perpetua... "stay free" from the mayor and police criminals and blue goose shit coming in to land


Video for <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Trump War drums... sharp right turn... charge


Shame on Hispanics selling tons of dope to black people... they love you for it


A dozen robberies and a black Nissan on the run... Asian shit


Video for Trump seeks new China tariffs as trade war worries mount


Trade war against ying yangers


Video for Austin serial bomber: Investigators searching for more bombs, possible accomplices  youtube


On the hunt for Home Depot time bomb making material... wow the customers with Asian battery shit




passages... spring has sprung... the honkers are flying back


Video for Garry McCarthy announces run for Chicago mayor


Taking on the top pig ass cop... Gary McCarthy


Video for Virginia City & The Ponderosa Ranch  youtube


Silver or lead?... Pablo Escobar


Video for Two students shot at Maryland high school, gunman dead  youtube


"It's very emotional"


Video for Uber Halts Autonomous Car Tests After Fatal Crash in Arizona youtube


Uber self driving car privilege suspended... shit can it


Video for Chicago alderman blames drunken suburbanites for St. Patrick's Day mess youtube


The Irish toilet bowl... it sucks like Crouch Idaho



"Politics v. Religion"... Jehovah witness McDonalds shit loop clue



FBI lacks candor with police criminals to save face